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A Manetta, Pinot Blanc 2020

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'A Manetta' means 'full throttle' and this wine expresses that to me. It is not a bland and smooth 0815 Pinot Blanc, but a wine with character. 50% of the grapes were pressed directly, for a fresh and fruity taste with a good persistent acidity.
The other 50% was fermented for 15 days on the mash with the whole grape (skins, seeds, stalks). The tannins extracted in this way ensure additional complexity and a special freshness .

2020 Pinot Blanc Mitterberg IGT
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Content: 0.75 l
L203, environmentally friendly without plastic capsule and light glass bottle (only 400g)
Contains sulphites - Country of manufacture : Italy - Delivery time : 3-5 working days