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CS "R" XXIV, Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

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These Cabernet Sauvignon vines grow directly with us at Heinrichshof in the top rows near the forest. The nutrient-poor soils there automatically reduce the yield to a minimum, which means that the grapes are incredibly concentrated and of the best quality. So work in the basement is easy. The grapes are fermented in small 500 liter wooden barrels and crushed daily by hand to push the extraction to the top. After fermentation, the mash is gently pressed and then filled into oak barrels. There they mature at the ideal temperature and humidity for a full 22 months.
As with the LA "R", a small batch of dried grapes is also processed and added here. ( CS = Cabernet Sauvignon "R" = selection line XXIV = 24 year old vines)

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Mitterberg IGT
Alcohol: 13% vol. Content: 0.75 l
L192R, Eco-friendly with no plastic capsule and light glass bottle (only 400g).
Contains sulphites - Country of manufacture : Italy - Delivery time : 3-5 working days