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Icona, Lagrein 2020

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A special vintage of the "Icona". The grapes were harvested a little earlier due to the changing weather conditions during the harvest phase, which meant that the sugar content was relatively low and the alcohol content to be expected was "only" about 12% vol.
According to current practice, one would have immediately resorted to concentrated grape must or other sweeteners, but I decided against it in order to produce the wine and, above all, the vintage honestly and authentically.
The result is a new and very interesting Lagrein style.
Due to the lower alcohol content and the higher acidity, this vintage tastes much fresher and fruitier than you are used to from a Lagrein. The combination with the fine tannins and the dark ruby ​​red color results in a versatile taste experience that reflects the vintage 100%.

2019 Lagrein Mitterberg IGT
Alcohol: 12.0% vol. Content: 0.75 l
Contains sulphites - Country of manufacture : Italy - Delivery time : 3-5 working days