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LA "R" LXXXI, Lagrein 2019

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A light strong wine? Lagrein with a difference! Aged for 22 months in barriques, this wine uses grapes from our 81-year-old vines. The grapes were harvested a little earlier in order to have more acidity and fruit in the must naturally and at the same time to achieve a lower alcohol content. At the same time, a small batch of grapes was carefully harvested in small boxes and dried in a well-ventilated room for 2 months. The raisin-like grapes were then pressed and the highly concentrated must was then added to the main batch in order to obtain a natural taste explosion despite the low alcohol content, which is further rounded off by the barrique aging. ( LA= Lagrein "R"= selection line LXXXI= 81 year old vines)

2019 Lagrein IGT Mitterberg
Alcohol: 12% vol. Content: 0.75 l

L191R, Eco-friendly with no plastic capsule and light glass bottle (only 400g).
Contains sulphites - Country of manufacture : Italy - Delivery time : 3-5 working days